Till Death Do Us Part

The Green Mill restaurant and Murders 4 Fun request your presence at A Murder at the Irish-German Wedding. Everyone is gathered to celebrate the marriage of the Irish bride and German groom when suddenly marriage turns into murder! Can you figure out who dunnit? Come join us for an evening of fun!

This original murder mystery dinner is written and hosted by State Street Theatre Executive Director Paul Warshauer. Warshauer has written more than 350 original murder mystery plays in all 50 states and in cities around the world. The wedding will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at 6 pm in the Gallery Ballroom at the Best Western Plus. Tickets are $30 pp and can be purchased at the New Ulm Chamber of Commerce and the Green Mill restaurant. For more information and group pricing, please call 507-359-3540 or email erin@bestwesternnewulm.com.

The Irish Cultural Society of New Ulm is happy to promote all Irish activities within the village of New Ulm and its surrounding area. If you would like to be included on our website, please send photos and a press release to nublarney@gmail.com.

About Murders 4 Fun

Every story has a beginning…
Murders 4 Fun (formally Murders R Us) began in a quiet town in Oregon in 1991. Classicos, an Italian restaurant, was interested in producing some dinner theater entertainment. They called on Paul Warshauer for help. That one audience participation event that he created would turn into have him traveling all over the world writing, directing, and performing his unique and original murder mysteries.

Not just murder mysteries…
Murders 4 Fun has performed for over 400 shows and not all of them have been murders. Murders are our forte, however, mysteries are what keeps an audience coming back for more. This can range from a kidnapping to a jewel heist. Maybe a local politician has been using tax money to keep a secret such as dealing with the mob or a secret girlfriend. Nothing is off limits and all scripts are written specifically for each audience.

Bring on the talent…
We pride ourselves on using professional actors, who have gone through the audition process and proved that they have what it takes to perform in a setting which requires quick thinking, top notch improv skills, and the ability to be believable in whatever character they are cast to play. However, since all scripts are written specifically for the client, upon request, we will cast local talent to perform alongside our professionals.

Murders 4 Fun is an excellent opportunity for all actors. It gives them the knowledge and the experience to learn the art form of improvisational acting. For anyone looking to become a professional actor, knowing improv can only heighten your abilities and talent. For anyone interested in auditioning, or holding auditions, please contact us for details.

Murder at the Irish-German Wedding

Murder at the Irish-German Wedding

Sponsored by Green Mill and Murders 4 Fun

Till Death Do Us Part
An Original Murder Mystery Dinner

Address: 2101 South Broadway
New Ulm, Minnesota 56073
Hours: March 5, 2016 at 6 pm

“As you slide down the banister of life,
May the splinters never point the wrong way.”

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murders 4 Fun
Murders 4 Fun
Murders 4 Fun