Irish Tea and Luncheon

The Irish Tea and Luncheon encourages friendship, loyalty and kinship among those people of New Ulm and the surrounding area who are interested in Irish culture, traditions and history. Irish craic and song will be performed by the Irish ‘Red’ Rovers.​ Created​ ​by​ t​​he​ ​former Mayor of New Ulm, Carl ‘Red’ Wyczawski, the local group honors the major role Irish immigrants played in founding the city of New Ulm.

The luncheon menu includes Irish​ ​potato and leek soup, apple, spinach and baby kale salad with apple cider vinaigrette,​ ​and​ ​chocolate cake with Bailey’s buttercream​ ​frosting.

The Irish Cuppa Tea

Tea was first imported to Ireland in 1835 where it became popular with the wealthy crowd, but it wasn’t until later in the mid 1800s that it spread to the rural people and all of Ireland was hooked. Small grocers were opened in the towns and villages and they started exchanging butter and eggs for tea and sugar.

In Gaelic “cupan tae” means cup of tea, and the Irish make it a strong cup. Irish tea is blended to be mixed with a lot of rich milk-up to 1/3 of the cup for some. The custom is to add the milk to the tea cup first, then pour in the tea. Irish breakfast tea is often a strong blend of Assam and Ceylon and most people would only drink it for breakfast, though the Irish love it strong and would use this blend all day long. Even during the traditional Irish wake, after a family member has passed away, it’s expected that a pot would be continously boiling to make tea for company.

Irish tea is served generally three times a day; 11:00 in the morning, 3:00 – 5:00 for afternoon tea and a high tea at 6:00 pm, serving as the evening meal. Many think of high tea as formal or fancy, but it’s actually a working man’s tea that serves as a meal. Afternoon tea is the more “fancy” of the three teas-the one with scones, breads, jam, curds and other dainties.

Source: Old Fashioned Living

Irish Tea and Luncheon

Irish Tea and Luncheon

Irish Cultural Society of New Ulm


Great Irish Fair of New Ulm
Best Western Plus Conference Center
Gallery Ballroom

Address: 2101 South Broadway
New Ulm, Minnesota 56073
Performance: March 12 – Noon


Irish Luncheon Salad
Irish Luncheon Scones
Irish Luncheon Dubliner Stew
Irish Luncheon Leek Soup
Irish Luncheon Mousse
Irish Mint Dessert