A Parade How-To Guide for Germans

There are more Irish people outside of Ireland than in the country itself which would explain why St. Patrick’s Day is such a large-scale celebration in so many places around the world. Not only the Irish love it but millions of people worldwide dress up in green and embrace the Irish spirit – even in New Ulm, the most German community in the United States.

Do you have your green outfit ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Avoid getting pinched and rock your green in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. Wearing green is an American tradition that started in the early 1700s. Saint Patrick’s revelers thought wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns and fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see (anyone not wearing green). The pinching is to warn and remind people not wearing green about the leprechauns.

So go out in a bit o’ green this St. Patrick’s Day! Again, the Irish community of New Ulm wish to extend a heartfelt invitation to our German friends to join in the parade. It wouldn’t take much to transform a Oktoberfest outfit into fancy Irish dress. It would do the Germans good to lighten up and shake their shillelagh. But just a reminder – jig don’t polka down the street.

Shown below are before and after photos of resident George Glotzbach aka Mr. New Ulm aka The Most Interesting Man in New Ulm. As you can see, you don’t have to be Irish to indulge in a little St. Patrick’s Day fun. It would also be helpful if Germans could learn some Irish phrases so that they can easily converse with the clans – here, Herr Glotzbach just asked, “What’s the craic?” which means ‘What’s going on?” Still not sure how to dress? Scroll down to the bottom of this page for some helpful tips.

Get Your Irish On
Narrow Flag


George Before


George After


George and Friends

Helpful tips for Germans to look fresh as an Irish Daisy

No reason to be green with envy. Good fortune will rain upon those who spend any time with the lucky Irish. Follow these easy tips and the luck o’ the Irish will be with you too.

  • Embellish your Tyrolean hat with some lucky shamrocks
  • Eat a hearty breakfast of boxty and black pudding for rosy cheeks
  • Brighten your fashion palette from forest to kelly green
  • Dress in a dapper velour jacket for a wee bit o’ class
  • Air out your lederhosen and don designer Guinness wear
  • Luck has nothing to do with it when your wear green suspenders
  • Put all the wee Leprechauns to shame with stylish argyle socks
  • The proprieties at all times – Aran sweater leggings are a must
  • Twirl with emerald brilliance and bling out with green beaded necklaces